Dear Freshmen,

Welcome to the SMU family!

This summer marks the beginning of an exciting chapter of your lives, as you embark on the journey of an undergraduate here in SMU. Marked by the overarching theme of "Fun.Family.Future", your Freshmen Experience (FE) is brought to you by the SMU Students' Association (SMUSA). FE comprises of FE Day, 4 SMUSA Events, 6 School Camps, 4 CCA CBd Camps, Community Service Camps and several Club Camps.

You are strongly encouraged to sign up and participate in any of these activities. Find like-minded peers, have fun and embrace the vibrant student life here in SMU.

We look forward to meeting you and we wish you all the best in shaping your Freshmen Experience.

Yours Sincerely,

SMU Students' Association


Freshmen Experience Informational Video

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Alan Lim
Events Secretary, 9th SMU Student's Association

Contact SMU Students' Association

FE Day

Date: Sunday, 23 June 2013, 11am - 5pm

Venue: SMU T-Junction/Concourse (Bras Basah MRT)


Freshman Experience Day (FE DAY), officially kick-start the orientation for the incoming batch of Freshman 2013 into SMU. This event aims to promote to the freshmen the holistic experience that they would be expecting before they enter SMU. The importance of FE day is to set the standard for the subsequent camps that they would be going for and it also acts as a platform for the freshmen to gather important information prior to entry to their school life.

Freshmen would be introduced to a slice of school life with the help of the FE Guides. They would be welcomed to start their academic journey with the school camps or kickstart their student life with the cca camps and also contribute back to society with the various community service camps. There will be an abundance of opportunities to explore what SMU's vibrant culture has to offer and to create the most memorable of experience the freshmen summer has to offer!

If you have any queries, please email and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Freshmen Teambuilding Camp (FTB 2013)

Run 1: 16-18 July 2013

Run 2: 22-24 July 2013

Run 3: 27-29 July 2013



The Freshmen Team-Building (FTB) Camp is a universitywide experience that all SMU freshmen share. The camp aims to introduce SMU's CIRCLE values - Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility, Collegiality, Leadership and Excellence to all incoming students. Most importantly, FTB 2013 will be a platform to facilitate freshmen's transition into university life.

FTB 2013 will be held in Sarimbun Scout Camp, with the theme of Harry Potter. Be prepared for 3D2N of alluring magical activities that will equip you with the necessities to survive in a world of witchcraft & wizardry. Ranging from exhilarating water games and night activities to a convivial night of breathtaking performances, summer will never be the same again.

If you have any queries, please email and we will reply you as soon as possible.


Date: Friday, 16 August 2013


As part of this year's freshmen experience, the theme for the pre-formal segment of Convocation is magic. The freshmen are promised a magical experience as they journey with Harry Potter to the mysterious world of Hogwarts. Watch as Harry first runs through the brick wall on to platform 9 ¾ and meets people from all walks of life. Finding it hard to try and fit in in this new crowd of people, he contemplates between going back to the routine of his old life or trudging forward into this unknown one.

Expect thrilling and exciting performances from Martial Mayhem and SMU Flare. This well-known classic that is relatable to both the young and the old, coupled with gravity defying stunts will definitely create a night of unforgettable memories for the freshmen.

If you have any queries, please email and we will reply you as soon as possible.


Date: Friday, 30 August 2013



VIVACE pronounced as [viˈvaːtʃe] is Italian for lively and vivid. It is SMU's annual CCA fair where clubs from our 10 constituent bodies (CBds) come together to put up a spectacular array of live performances, showcases and activities. Like the meaning of the word, VIVACE transforms the school to a vivacious bazaar filled with fun and excitement. Get lost in fun and find passion in our wide variety of over 140 clubs and societies!

This year, anticipate the event as you will be warriors in the Quest for the Lost Symbols. There will be activities leading up to VIVACE and on the day, immerse yourself in fun, music, food, games and gifts when you visit our 5 different zones, each symbolised by heroes & heroines to represent the unique aspect of student life; CHANTICO, heroine of flames that reflects the passionate displays by our Arts and Cultural clubs, TLALOC, hero of rain, lightning and thunder that symbolises the agility and perseverance of our Sports clubs, QUEZTZA, hero of intelligence that signifies the wisdom and knowledge of our faculty societies and ICON, ITZLI, hero of flint that represents the spark of novel clubs in SICS and TEPEY, hero of earth akin to SMUX that exceed limits. Your Quest for your desired CCA begins now!

If you have any queries, please email and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Bizcom presents: EXTRAVAGANZAAR

Date: Thursday, 29 August 2013



Who says that the first week of school is a drag? Experience the glitz and glamour of University life as Bizcom brings you our signature event- Extravanganzaar! Comprising of our bazaar and Freshmen Bash, come on down Tuesday to Thursday and fulfil your shopping desires before ending your week with SMU's largest welcome party for freshmen. Featuring over 80 merchants and student-run stores, our bazaar brings the flea market experience right to the heart of SMU Concourse, in the comfort of air-con.

Look out for SMU's hottest and most charismatic freshmen as they wow you with a dazzling display of dances and catwalks. Freshmen Bash features our pageant contests duking it out on stage in an attempt to win your hearts. To the winners goes the title of Mr and Miss SMU!

Follow Bizcom at our facebook to find out more information!

ASoc | School of Accountancy


Date: 8 - 10 July 2013

Registration Fee: $45

Register here

Welcome to ASoc Camp 2013: Andromeda! Get ready to be immersed in our fun-filled, action-packed 3 days of adventure. You will get to experience many enthralling games and performances, coupled with the tantalising storyline of Andromeda, the battle of the galaxies. Join one of our four clans, each with differing goals and agendas. Whether it is for honour, valour, anarchy or power, your clan will strive to be the galaxy's best! ASoc Camp 2013 not only aims to thrill you with our exciting programs, but more importantly it is an opportunity to bond with future Accounting friends, understand university life as well as discover the wonderful places around school!

Camp Website | Facebook | Enquiries

Bondue | Lee Kong Chian School of Business

The Lost Continent

Date: 10 - 12 July 2013 (Run 1) / 4 - 6 August 2013 (Run 2)

Registration Fee: $50

Are you ready to kick off an exhilarating fresh start in SMU with Bondue Camp 2013: The Lost Continent? Join us this summer on an unforgettable journey as we bring you through 3 days and 2 nights of fun and adventure! Be prepared to battle your opponents in our heart-pumping Wet & Wild games, outwit your enemies in Running Man, go on an exciting journey to a far-away place and come face to face with the many more surprises waiting in store for you! With so much hyped-up, adrenalin-racing FUN, Bondue camp 2013 promises to be one of the most anticipated camps this year! So what are you waiting for? Bare your brave souls and join us in this quest as we strive to conquer THE LOST CONTINENT!

(Limited spaces only)

Camp Website | Facebook

Oikos | School of Economics

Apocalypto - The Age of Revival

Date: 5 - 7 August 2013

Registration Fee: $45

Be part of the 4 great tribes in their mission to destroy their arch nemesis in the Oikos Freshmen Camp 2013! Fight for victory and glory for your tribe by battling it out in games such as laser tag and forge new bonds with your seniors and fellow freshmen! Sign up now to be part of the most awesome camp of this summer!

Camp Website | Facebook | Enquiries

SISS | School of Information Systems

Metamorphosis 2013

Date: 13 - 15 August 2013

Registration Fee: $50

As the incoming batch of freshmen to the School of Information Systems, it is crucial to note that information is the new currency. The power of information is able to bring death or life.

At MetamorphoSIS 2013, this power will be in your hands. Come decipher, decrypt, and unravel mysteries as you begin a new journey with us. May you also make lasting friendships along the way!

Camp Website | Facebook

The BAR | School of Law

SMU Law Camp 2013: in terrorem

Date: 12 - 14 July 2013

Registration Fee: $40

Law Camp 2013 is the first milestone of the SMU law school experience. Grab this opportunity to get to know your peers outside the classroom. The legal fraternity is a small one, and it helps to know the people who will become your trusted friends, companions, and group mates! These are the people who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you throughout your four years of study.

This year's camp will feature clashes amongst the tribes, triads, mobs and mafia as different clans vie for law-school supremacy. Freshmen can expect a thoroughly enjoyable experience that will test both the body and mind. Come prepared for an exciting series of activities, which includes solving an intricate murder mystery and participating in a mass "clan-versus-clan" game! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start your law school journey on a high!

Official Website | Twitter | Facebook



Date: NA

Registration Fee: None

Kidleidoscope aims to provide a platform to showcase the spectrum our beneficiaries' talents. Riding on the kids' vibrancy and energy, we hope to build up more confidence in them. Through Kidleidoscope, we would like to reflect and shine the light into the lives of both our beneficiaries and participants. During our camp, we will organize activities to teach the participants the different clothes designing methods and to give them an understanding of what Kidleidoscope is about. With more time and participants for our activities, we believe that we can create better bonding opportunities for our participants. They will be learning the skills of tie dying, silk screen printing and paper craft. Besides that, we have lots of exciting activities too


SOSCIety | School of Social Sciences

Social Science Camp 2013 - The Ultimate Face-Off

Date: 12 - 14 August 2013

Registration Fee: $40

Calling all Marxists, Freudians, Weberians and Durkheimians! The fathers of social science are embroiled in a struggle for eternal glory and it is time to settle, once and for all, who THE top dog is. This August, come join the School of Social Sciences for a clash of epic proportions! Time is running out! Sign up now or you'll miss out on probably the best camp in SMU!!

Camp Website | Facebook | Enquiries

ACF | Arts & Cultural Fraternity

Twisted | SMU Arts Camp 2013

Date: 5 - 7 July 2013

Registration Fee: $35

Camp Website | Facebook

Everyone knows what happens to Prince Charming and the Princess at the end of every fairytale - They live happily ever after. But what happens to the fairy godmothers? The Genies? The Grand Viziers? What happens to these powerful, magical and gifted individuals? Some say that they find other fairy tales to latch on to. Some say that the bad ones turn good, and the good ones turn evil. Some say that they gradually lose their magical powers, and that within 10 years you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference between them and your own, unmagical relatives.

But that's not the case.

Every Friday evening, they meet at the Magicians Anonymous meetings where they exchange tales of the good old days of fairy godmothering. They're pretty satisfied with things the way they are, but there's a still small voice that whispers to them - after all, they're the ones who're doing all the hard work. Why on earth should the Princesses and Princes get a chance at a happily ever after?

This summer, join Arts Camp as the Magicians attempt to take back the happy endings for themselves! Indulge yourself in this 3 days 2 nights of fun and adventure as we bring you through a series of workshops and games that showcase the rich diversity of arts and culture here in SMU!

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us

SMUX | SMU Xtremists

SMUXtremists Camp 2013 - Where Fun Meets Adventure

Date: 5 - 7 July 2013

Registration Fee: $65 / $60 (first 50)

Sign up here

Searching for the perfect summer experience at smu? Look no further!

Join us on an exciting 3 day adventure and get to try exciting Xtreme sports such as skating, night biking, diving, kayaking, trekking and even laser tag! This is the camp which will allow you to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the uniquely smux experience of fun, family and adventure. Get ready for an awesome time enjoying the outdoors, forging friendships and just building wonderful memories you'll never forget!

Let's embark on the smux journey together!

SMUX Website | Facebook

SICS | Special Interest & Community Service Sodality

SICS Camp '13

Date: 12 - 15 July

Registration Fees: $40

Sign up here

Too many things you want to try but no TIME for everything? Then join the SICS CAMP and let us turn TIME back for you!

With CHRONOS, which means TIME in Ancient Greek as our theme this year, expect an unforgettable and exhilarating experience as we unravel the webs of the universe and bring you back in TIME. Have a drink or two, explore SMU�s urban food legends, chill out over exciting board games and engage in something meaningful at the same time as you and your friends race against the clock to save a town from its demise.

With 16 different special interest and community service clubs participating, CHRONOS by SICS offers you diversity and variety like no other. What better way to spend your summer? Sign up now and TIME warp with us from 12 � 15 July 2013.

Facebook | Enquiries

SLAMMED | SMU Sports Union

SLAMMED | SMU Sports Camp 2013

Date: 27 - 30 June 2013

Registration Fee: $60 / $55 (early bird)

Register here

SLAMMED: SMU Sports Camp 2013 brings you 4 days 3 nights of action packed, nonstop adventure! When Plankton's latest diabolic plot to steal the krabby patty recipe goes horribly wrong, it is up to you to save the world. Muster your inner hero (or villain) and rise up to the challenges. Embark on a pulsating journey like never before as you embrace the sporting culture of SMU and kick start your summer. Experience the multitude of activities that the SMU Sports Union has to offer and forge lasting frienships!

SSU Website | Facebook

Get Connected | SMU ICON

SMU International Connections (ICON) is the international students' department of the SMU Students' Association (SMUSA). It champions the Association's integration efforts and celebrates cultural diversity through its 12 clubs. These clubs build ties among the members of their respective communities and promote their cultures to all SMU students through a host of rich events and initiatives. Through its efforts, ICON aspires to build an SMU in which we speak with love, communicate with respect and celebrate diversity.

To find out more about ICON, go to and stay updated by liking our facebook page!

International Connections Camp 2013 | SMU ICON

International Connections Camp 2013: The Year We Make Contact

Date: 1 - 3 August 2013

Registration Fee: $20 Refundable deposit

Sign up here

Camp Website | Facebook

In the depths of space, an old enemy awakens, threatening to destroy much of what is good and noble in the universe. The four mightiest races of the galaxy forge a final alliance, racing against time to fend off the forces of chaos, and construct a mysterious device that may just save us all...

Welcome to the first ever ICON camp, where the SMU global learning experience starts. If you've always wanted to learn more about other cultures and make international friends, this is the camp for you! This camp is open to all SMU students, and will feature 250 participants from 13 different countries. Through this camp, we will be introducing the different cultures across the nationalities in SMU, including Singapore through activities like Food Hunt, cultural games, and a race around Singapore. You'll be making new friends from all over the world, and taking the first step to the global education that SMU promises you and maybe even save the galaxy. Featuring an original, futuristic theme and story, and an exciting, action-filled program, we're thrilled to be able to provide you with not just a camp, but a full-on experience that may just be the highlight of your summer. Look for our booth at Freshman Experience, and check our website for updates!

SMU Challenge 2013 | SICS

"We are all about giving back to those who helped us be here, our seniors! "To be a Uni-wide community service event which anchors SMU's efforts in giving back to society"- SMU Challenge 2013 will be raising funds in cash and in kind throughout the summer to be delivered personally by foot as we go on a Walkathon on September 14th from SMU all the way to the center of our beneficiaries, Lions Befrienders! You can join as a volunteer for fundraising, as well as a walker for the Walkathon, which will mark the end of SMU Challenge 2013 with a bang.

Meet new people, make new friends, and start your SMU journey anew by thanking, and giving back to your past! Also, as SMU Challenge is an annual affair, what better way to catch up with your friends every year while doing good than this? "

To find out more about SMU Challenge 2013, catch us during Freshmen Team-Building camp, CCA camps and C4SR talks, or join us at the following sessions:

If you have any queries, please feel free to email us at! :)

Things You Need to Know | SMU ICON

Concerned about life in Singapore? Never been here before?

Don't worry, we've got all the things you need to know right here

Have an enjoyable experience!

What is SMUSA?

The SMU Students' Association (SMUSA) comprises of all full-time matriculated SMU students; collectively, SMUSA represents the interests and welfare of all SMU students.

The 9th SMU Students' Association Council or SMUSA Council in short, is the policy-making arm of the Students' Association (SA) and provides strategic direction to its executive arm, the SA Departments. As a student government body, it is the highest office of student leadership in SMU.

With a variety of student clubs catering to diverse CCA in SMU, such clubs come under the administrative purview of school-based and non-school-based Constituent Bodies, or CBds.

The Presidents of these CBds and members of the SA Departments make up the SMUSA Council. The President of the SA Departments is also the concurrent President of the SMUSA Council.

The 9th SMU Students' Association Council's Mission:
To actively engage our stakeholders
To uphold our legitimacy as a representative student governing body
To inculcate a spirit of togetherness and to forge a shared identity

To be the heart of the student body by empowering students and enhancing the synergy between the Council and the student population, thereby fulfilling their best interests.

Feel free to voice out your queries, concerns and feelings to us!

For any feedback, please contact or drop us a Facebook message! Alternatively,
if you have a specific person you wish to contact, check out our contact list.

YOLO2013 (You Only Live Once) | SMU Caretalyst


Date: 12 - 14 August 2013

Registration Fee: $35

In SMU Caretalyst, our vision is to empower people and build lives. Through our events and our community service projects, we challenge the traditions of community service and do things differently. YOLO is our annual camp targeted to give you awesome freshmen the experience of your lifetime through groundbreaking camp activities. It's a camp not to me missed. Take a chance and make it count at YOLO2013.


iConserve2013 | Project iConserve


Date: 19 - 21 July 2013 | Community Project: 25 - 26 July 2013

Registration Fee: $10

Give me your hand. Let me take you on a journey across the ocean to a remote island called midway atoll where you shall see how powerful our actions can be. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio and let him show you what he has done for the environment. Learn to make something beautiful with your hands and share them with your loved ones. Finally, be inspired by the beauty of the sunrise as we remind ourselves what is it that we are protecting. Are you ready to come on this epic journey with me?


campXros | SMU Red Cross


Date: 10 - 13 August 2013

Registration Fee: $15 (excluding meals)

"What is Red Cross? Is it just about first aid and donating blood?" "I've seen Red Cross as a Uniformed Group back in my previous academic institutions - what make you any different?" "What do I get from joining your club?"

Not only will campXros (pronounced as camp-cross) expose you to new experiences through Red Cross, we want to share our passion for serving one another, and in so doing, create a family of closely-knit members and eventually a community of committed volunteers. Join us as we thrill you with adrenaline-pumped activities including a Running Man game, being part of Operation Rescue: Pulau Ubin, as well as other community projects such as volunteering in a Soup Kitchen as well as interacting with beneficiaries from childcare centers and bringing them out for a day of fun and games!

Be part of a global movement, be part of our family now!

Camp Website

Against All Odds | SMU Rotaract

Against All Odds

Date: 10 - 13 August 2013

Registration Fee: $30 ($5 discount for first 50 sign ups)

Sign up here!

Join us in taking a stand with our friends from the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Foundation (LLF). Presenting to you SMU Rotaract Club's 4th year of "Against All Odds" Community Service Program Camp. A little help like painting a smile on their faces goes a long way in helping our beneficiary in overcoming life's obstacles. Join us this summer in cleaning and painting their homes and organizing a family carnival of games and laughter for them. Not only will you be able to bring joy to our beneficiaries, you also get to learn, have fun and meet new friends!! So stop hesitating, join us, take a stand and join "Against All Odds" Camp!!


Uni-Y Step Up 2013 | Uni-Y

Uni-Y Step Up 2013

Date: 5 - 8 August 2013

Registration Fee: $35

Sign up now

Our camp aims to instill care and responsibility in our volunteers, and to promote compassion and respect for the less fortunate in our society. Highlights of the camp: - Baking goodies and delivering them to elderlies living in studio apartments. - Bonding and interacting with intellectually challenged beneficiaries. It would be an eye-opening experience especially for those who have never interacted with them before! - A chill-out evening at our very own Jericho's poolside roof café with amazing sunset views and live band. - Monster night!! Catch our monsters, please them to learn their powers, and battle it out with other groups to earn points!



Tours for International Parents (TIPS)
Date: 30th July 2013

Date: 30th July 2013

Don't miss this opportunity to show your parents SMU's city campus and hostel! Embark on a personal tour conducted by our SMU Student Ambassadors and experience what it is like to be a student at SMU. Ambassadors will also be sharing their own SMU experiences in a Seminar Room session – where we simulate an actual everyday classroom experience!

Do note that for international parents who have signed up for Evening@SMU for International Parents on 3 August 2013, there is no need to register for TIPS as the Evening@SMU session will already include campus tours for parents, in addition to faculty and alumni sharing.

Website | Enquiries

Evening@SMU | ASMU

Dates: 11th Sept 2013, 26th Sept 2013, 27th Sept 2013
International Parents: 3rd Aug 2013

This September, invite your parents down for an evening hosted by faculty, staff, students and alumni who will share their own unique perspectives of SMU life. Your parents will also get to experience what it is like to be a student at SMU through personal tours around our city campus and sharing sessions in Seminar Rooms, which simulate the everyday classroom experience!

Limited spaces available. Please RSVP by registering here.

Website |Facebook | Enquiries

@theLegs | SMU Track & Field


Date: 1 - 3 August 2013

Registration Fee: $20

Sign Up Here!

You were born special. You were born to rule the world. You just don't know it yet.

Come plunge into a world of Track & Field and more, and come Exceed Yourself. Absolutely no experience is needed, but arrive with an open mind. Meet our athletes and sign-up to conquer the urbanised rainforest with us TODAY!


Where Stars Collide | StarringSMU

Where Stars Collide - StarringSMU'13

Date: 19 - 21 July 2013

Registration Fee: Free

Be part of SMU's largest community service experience! We are back with a BANG this summer to continue our legacy to further contribute to the community! Looking for friends to hang out in school? Craving for some good fun? Kickstart your semester with the most happening camp in SMU! starringCAMP'13 is no ordinary camp, get ready to be immersed in 3 days of fun and community service in one explosive event. Make new friends through our awesome teambuilding games and experience the joy of giving back to the less fortunate communities in Singapore as YOU will get to interact with our beneficiaries personally!

We are proud to present to you this amazing opportunity that will allow you to bring joy to both children and the elderly! With our four extremely fun-filled events (starringCAMP, starringGIVESBACK, starringCARWASH, starringBISTRO), you are sure to enjoy starringSMU'13! For more information, feel free to contact us, or locate our booth during FE day! So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to be part of OUR exciting adventure?

Website | Facebook | Email | Twitter | Instagram

SMU MMA Training Camp 2013 | SMU MMA

SMU MMA Training Camp 2013

Date: 5 - 7 July 2013

Camp Fee: $30 | $25 (early signup)

Sign up here

Mixed Martial Arts is a rapidly growing sport around the world. Fight promotions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and ONE Fighting Championship have turned ordinary men and women into real life gladiators. SMU MMA's Training Camp is your opportunity to learn the techniques used by warriors inside the Octagon. You will learn how to strike, grapple and submit with our all-around training program. Step away from the ordinary and experience the fastest growing sport in the world!


Behind The Scenes Camp 2013 | SMU Broadcast & Entertainment

Behind The Scenes Camp 2013

Date: 6 - 8 September 2013

Camp Fee: $15

Hello there. We've got good news and bad news for you. The good news? You're still alive. Congratulations. Well done. You ought to give yourself a pat in the back. The bad news? The rest of the world has been transformed into zombies. And they want you...but not in a good way.

After the T-1000 Prototype Biovirus was unleashed into the world, 90% of the world's population was transformed into zombies. The remaining 10% (which includes YOU) are in hiding, struggling to survive and living in fear.

You've just wandered into the Behind The Scenes Camp. The world has fallen into ruins, but here we have the equipment needed to give humanity a voice. I guess being behind the scenes does have it's perks. Lucky us.

Together with the other survivors, you are to broadcast a message to what remains of the rest of the world - a rallying cry to rebuild civilization and to fight off the infestation. Not sure what you can do to help? Don't worry, we'll teach you the tricks of the trade.

But we don't have much time. The clock is ticking. With fewer living beings to consume, the zombies are in a ravenous and frenzied state. They're coming for us. They're coming for YOU. Now is the time to band together. Whether you like it or not, we are humanity's last hope.

Join us.

Behind The Scenes Camp is a 3 day 2 night camp held on the 6th to 8th of September which will introduce you to the different wings of SMU Broadcast & Entertainment. No prior experience is required; if you're willing, then we're willing to teach! You'll be assigned into groups and each group will be guided by a senior SMUBE member.

In the camp, you'll get to experience the exciting activities one can expect as a member in SMUBE. You'll learn how to host as an Artiste, how to produce a radio show as a part of Campus Radio, how to shoot a short film with Campus TV, and how to produce your very own live event with Events & Backstage. There's also going to be a whole lot of exciting events in the camp, but we're not going to spoil too much here (ZOMBIES).

On top of getting new skills, you'll also make new friends, have fun, and most importantly, get an exclusive look at what really goes on in one of the biggest CCAs in SMU.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and have a blast at the Behind The Scenes Camp 2013.

Find out more at, or 'like' our Facebook page ( to get the latest updates.

Behind The Scenes Camp is a part of BE Exposé, a series of events to introduce freshmen to SMU Broadcast and Entertainment. Look out for us throughout the whole of FE. :)